Reclamation Tape #26: Byelorussian Cornrows (Live @ The Mithraeum)

The Oxford Boys were clearly firing on all cylinders at this point in our history. There are more germs of gems here than I can count, almost all of which have since been recorded in fairly decent versions (and are available at chuckzak.com).

There are proto versions of some favorites ("Quasar's Revenge," "Sister City," "In The Dark") and fully worked out versions of others ("$6000," "Sincere"). There are not, however, any worthwhile ideas that fit into the reclamation project's goals, but that's ok. It's enough that Byelorussian Cornrows confirms that even in the midst of whatever manifold personal crises I was enduring at the time (self-inflicted, of course), I was still capable of churning out hit after hit.

This is my redemption, people. You gotta let me have it.

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