Reclamation Tape #30: Foge Fazio Faves (Signed, Sealed & So On)

Another worktape with its share of treasures. Though none of the rediscovered songs here can be considered true overachievers, they all belong on the to-do list, even if they aren't among the priorities for recording.

I remember being quite fond of "On Your Side" at some point, and it is a tight little song. It's probably the best of the lot, though the others - "California," "Nothing Has Changed" and "Never Had This Happen" - are all worthy contenders for b-sides or, at the very least, box set filler.

Trawling through these tapes has prompted me to relearn a few of the older songs that I've forgotten the chords to. It's been fun to play through these songs again with just acoustic and voice. Time for an  ultra-rare Oxford Boys open mic appearance somewhere? It wouldn't take all that many drinks to make it happen. Just sayin'.

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