Reclamation Tape #29: Bedridden Aquanaut (Post-Angst Return To Psychedelia)

A good, solid worktape with evidence of my sometimes overly complicated writing, particularly in the many attempts at "One Night Out of the Week." It's a fine song that has a recorded version somewhere, but I don't recall it being a version that couldn't be improved upon.

But on this tape, I return again and again to the central idea, trying to perfect some overblown transition between verses. I abandoned it at some point, but not before spending an inordinate amount of Bedridden Aquanaut tweaking it, to no avail.

My writing is better (usually; not always) when it simplifies the changes, something that "Like She Says You Do" proves pretty well - though I never did like that title. This is one song that I had on my radar for this project, and I'm happy to have tracked it down and found it a good fit for at least a B-side.

The other keeper here was one of the first songs I remember writing, at least in the style I eventually found for myself once my metal days came to their none-too-soon end. "The Moment Is Right" is traceable back to my mid-20s, a time when I was probably still writing a fair amount of crap, but this song holds up. The surprise here was the bridge, which I had forgotten, and which I like a lot. In fact, this bridge is probably the reason the song even appears here - I'm pretty sure it was new, while the verse and chorus date back probably ten years or so before the recording of this tape, but that's a rough guess.

There are some other songs here that I've discovered on other tapes, so they aren't counted here. But all in all, a rewarding listen.

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