Reclamation Tape #33: Larry Flint Sings (Music to Inspire Legislation)

This tape didn't seem as focused as previous tapes; a lot more half-ideas that come and go. A lot less digging in and working out an idea to fruition.

But that's ok - I only need a few good finds per tape, and Larry Flint Sings (yes, misspelled) has them. Some songs have existed in a finished state forever, like "The Restaurant Game; good songs but with not enough of my own commitment to get them recorded. Others, like "Not Again!" and "The Union," have stayed remembered but unfinished for equally long, submerging and resurfacing again and again over the years, teased into a slightly more complete state each time they reappear, then cast aside again. 

But then there's "Philosophy" - I completely forgot this one! I like it, it's a complete idea both lyrically and musically. It's going on the to-do list.

There's also a funny NPR bit with Robert Segal talking about "sadcore" and American Music Club from who knows when, 1998? And a fair amount of chirping birds, too. I love birds. Not as pets, necessarily -- who the fuck needs a bird for a pet? But as beautiful creatures, perhaps the beautifulest. 

I love birds.

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