Reclamation Tape #28: Sapphic Content (Recitation of Numbers)

I have to mark this tape at around the turn of the century (the last one) due to the welcome inclusion of "When it Was New," which I'm pretty sure was my Y2K ballad. I'm very happy with that tune, and only slightly less so with "Every Side is Down," another song that's been on the wanted list.

Again, some older tunes whose recorded versions lack perfection are here ("Sight of Seeing You," "Let it Ride") along with some other, better preserved foundational Oxford Boy tunes ("The Screw," "Lazy Eye"). They all deserve a proper studio recording, but barring a lottery windfall, that's hard to envision happening. The best I can do is keep the versions I have alive and wait until they are inevitably (re)discovered and disseminated to the world's pop fans. Music will never be the same, I'm sure - we just all have to survive long enough to get there.

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