Reclamation Tape #27: Way Behind The Curve (Violated Bosom)

"Zombie on the Inside" turns up on this tape, and it's good, a keeper!

I should briefly explain that I have a notebook with lyrics written down of many of my top tunes from back in the day before I had any real means of home recording, and this has acted as my guide to some of the songs I'd like to rescue from the past. "Zombie on the Inside" was one, but it was a song I didn't remember the melody to very well, and I wasn't sure it was going to be worth resurrecting if and when I found it. It is, and it has a brief pre-chorus that I'm especially chuffed about.

Not a whole lot else here that hasn't already been recorded, although with the usual caveats about the quality of those recordings and the impossibility of simply remixing due to Hard Drive Crash 2006. 

There is a recording of a Robyn Hitchcock profile that ran on an episode of Terry Gross' eternal NPR chat show, and it was fun to listen to that, for sure. It was a reminder of how much he's influenced me, though I don't think it's obvious.

I feel like I came to the end of side B very suddenly. So if ever proof emerges that I've been abducted (finally) by aliens, it may have happened as I was listening back to this tape.

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