Reclamation Tape #34: Corpse-Fed Harlequin (Too Good For One Tense)

This tape bursts out of the gates with "you wrote your name in my book" (no caps when I'm unsure of title), then spends much of the rest of the time reeling out haphazard studio efforts or middling electric guitar jams.

But the studio versions yield some fun stuff: a vaporous version of "Measure Up" with Jackie on vocals, for one. I liked that. And there's also a really good song I forgot about that I'll call "Around," which appears first in acoustic form and ends up in a slapdash studio version that is still intriguing.

Also: "Marching Song." Man, this is one of the dumbest lyrics I've ever written or sung, but there's a lot to this recording that I love. At some point back there in time, I was getting really good guitar tracks, but since my entire studio approach is "whatever," I can't always recreate things, and I have no idea why I was able to get such loud, clear and noise free tracks.

It's also just a good song; catchy as I can manage, and with some cool riffs and the Korg Poly-800 bringing those vintage cheeseball synth tones.

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