Sad as it is, the powers that be are trying to keep the Oxford Boys from releasing another indefatiguable tune. But a week of remorseless drudgery and subtle antagonism has only resulted in yet another notch on our belts.
"Stars in the Backyard" is the lastest entry and I feel good about it. Vocals mixed comfortably low and an unfussy arrangement that sounds decent.
In your face, haters!


Thinking I may have blown my load (sorry mom) politically speaking on the Iraq War tetra-ology. Speaking of which, the third and fifth songs in the group will never see the light of day due to one being crummy and the other being forgotten. Anyway, I'm out of things to say except: "No Nuclear Holocaust, please!".


Yesterday brought a new song: ''something odd". Turned out okay with some of my least wretched vocals in a while. Practice, practice, practice! That's a funny word when you say it thrice. Anyway, check it out.


Another new song tonight, but I had to pull the last entry due to underperformed vocals. Funny thing is, I thought I brought it. I have a spare recording with better vocals (& bass), but it needs an organ. Who doesn't?

Tonight's was 'protest #4', a temp title since the obvious titles are all lame. And it's not a good enough political song to warrant it's subjects' actual name. In fact it's naive and patronizing. It's vocals stumble out of the gate with a bleating reading of the hack first verse yet improves with the arrival of the harmony. Why do I even bother not doing them?