Hey everyone. Even with all the shite that's been going on, we've managed to eke out a song for November, and not some moldy oldie that's been laying around for months or years. No, Big Boy Money is freshly composed and hastily recorded, still hot from the oven. The haste is apparent in the haphazard keyboards and backing vocals, but hopefully they're all buried deep enough that they just merge into the frentic whole. This is my official lament for having to work a real job, but it's also a gesture of defiance, basically saying that the Oxford Boys will not be cowed by a demanding job into setting aside our priorities. Songs come first, then work, charity, and selflessness. It's only fitting that I turned down an offer of overtime and spent my Saturday recording this - you'll never change me!

I admit to being redundant when it comes to the structure of my songs. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus every time, but it's primarily a result of the rush to get these recorded, and the fact that I can only do vocals when the house is empty. I'll try to work on that. One trend this song has bucked is the tendency to wrap everything up in under three minutes. Somehow this one ended up running over four minutes, which is almost unheard of for us.

Anyway, hope you like the song and we'll meet again next month.