One more tune before April is over. "Big Prize" is built on a Gentle Giant drum sample and took forever. It needs more polishing but forget it, I'm done with it. Vocals are cobbled together from about fifty different tracks so they're kinda choppy. Still, this is as heavy as I can get, I think.


Okay, just made it. "In the Dark" is technically not finished but it's presence here probably means that no furthur refining will be bothered with.

Drums are machine but time-stretched (compressed actually) which gives them a cool sound. Everything else is fine, verse is merely okay, but the chorus is the highlight, as it should be.


April is drawing to a close and I'm in danger of failing my song-a-month goal for the first time. Not because I ain't got shit goin' on, mind you. But this new process of recording has left me with a bunch of decent tracks and no vocals to go with 'em.

Usually the tracks sound fine, and then I realize that the melody is shit, or my voice just can't pull it off, it's frustrating. I'm trying, check back.