Why can't I get this site to show up on a search? Is that why you are staying away in droves? Well, I've got your number, and you need to get here to listen to the new doo-doo, 'cause it's coming.


Is this sad or what? I just cannot bring myself to program the damn drum machine for the latest round of songs. I have a couple ready to go more or less but I dread the effort required for those drums to sound even halfway decent. Any drummers out there?

Also, I've finally tried something I long intended to: setting music to poems that are in the public domain. I can't write without a lyrical idea, and have been so succesful in avoiding the various responsibilities most of you assume gladly that I now am fully without inspiration. I've so far saved 3 Blake poems, an Emily Dickinson and a Lord Byron from obscurity by setting them to Oxford Boy pop magic. The results are promising, but only a full recording will reveal whether I am wasting my time or not. Soon, soon.