Just wanted to check in and say hi. My most recent activities outside my fictional universe (where I am beloved and completely fufilled), have been hamstrung by the holiday hoodoo, and even the usual warm & fuzzy delusions have been pre-empted by the madness. Come January 1, however, we launch the three-pronged attack.

Prong one:new stuff written with someone who isn't me.
Prong two: a return to the vast Chuck/Oxford catalog to record one of the many buried gems.
Prong three: the usual prong, new material dredged from the day-to-day minutiae. Until then, read the newspapers, have fun and enjoy yr holidays.


I posted a song provisionally titled "Hang on every word". The lyrics were written by a friend and the whole thing was completed in a marathon session which left me emotionally drained and the sidewalk still unshoveled.

The bass is just killing itself to keep up and the b_vox are of interterminate volume (crucial drum fill overlooked as well), but it comes together by the second chorus. Unshackeled from the lyric writing process, the work was swift and the craic was good, though glacial and mute.

Thanks for the lyrics, send more soon.


Well, the MP3.com sites are no more so there goes all the traffic. Though there's nothing there that's not here, the playback was more stable. Oh well, I'm leaving the links just to pad the site.