It's October and the Oxford Boys would like you to say hello to The Ombudsman. This latest tune is rather silly, and the production is a bit of a mess, but it passes muster with the board at Oxford HQ, and so it is our tune for this haunted month. Hopefully the lyrics are peppered with enough stealthy double entendres for you to guess the actual identity of the title character, but it's not crucial. On a technical note, the song does feature the first beat programmed using the FruityLoops software. On a more shameful note, I have already broken my solemn vow to stop using scratch tracks in the final mix - all three acoustic tracks here were intended for oblivion, only to survive the entire recording process.

There's been plenty of raw material from which to draw new music, so I have no excuse for not producing at least two or three more hits before this challenging year is out. We'll see. Enjoy yourself, and we'll see you in November.