Someone must've been very good this year, because you got a bonus Oxford Boy song for Xmas!

Morgantown Volcano is waiting to be unwrapped, so please do.


Hey all, new tune ("Where Are You?") is up at SoundClick and once again my friend Judy Puckett has kindly provided some very inspiring lyrics. Thanks, Judy!

As this is December, I believe that completes my bargain - made so rashly in January of this year - to deliver a song a month. True, I skipped June, but I made up for it with two in July, so I'm still on track. And I never said I wouldn't call in some outside help, so don't try that garbage either!

Enjoy your holidays and the O' Boys will see you in the New Year, should it be kind enough to arrive. Cheers.


Good news! I have changed webhosts and can now offer mp3 streams instead of the dreaded Real Player streams. Woo-hoo!

You're welcome.

Bad news is that I have a tenth of the disc space, so a bunch of tunes are now only available by coming 'round my house and asking nicely.