Someone must've been very good this year, because you got a bonus Oxford Boy song for Xmas!

Morgantown Volcano is waiting to be unwrapped, so please do.


Hey all, new tune ("Where Are You?") is up at SoundClick and once again my friend Judy Puckett has kindly provided some very inspiring lyrics. Thanks, Judy!

As this is December, I believe that completes my bargain - made so rashly in January of this year - to deliver a song a month. True, I skipped June, but I made up for it with two in July, so I'm still on track. And I never said I wouldn't call in some outside help, so don't try that garbage either!

Enjoy your holidays and the O' Boys will see you in the New Year, should it be kind enough to arrive. Cheers.


Good news! I have changed webhosts and can now offer mp3 streams instead of the dreaded Real Player streams. Woo-hoo!

You're welcome.

Bad news is that I have a tenth of the disc space, so a bunch of tunes are now only available by coming 'round my house and asking nicely.


Hey! New song posted at SoundClick. "A Heart Can Turn Into A Stone" has lyrics written by Judy Puckett, and I'll be working on more stuff to go with her words soon. Please visit and sample the wares, thanks.


Releasing this song is akin to plugging your finger in the dike, a temporary solution to the onslaught of mediocrity. No, it's not top notch Ox-pop, but to paraphrase Fox News (like that hasn't been done ad nauseum):I record, you decide.

With that, dig "Good Advice" and I'll see you in November with the real goods.


Quantity has not been a problem here lately, but quality has. Out of three or four recent songs, "Two Places (at one time)" is the only one I'll unleash on an unsuspecting populace.

The buzz coming from the instruments seems to be getting worse. That might be from increased use of effects (hello flanger!) but it's bad anytime. This song also features the debut of a new (used) acoustic to replace the crippled Fender.


New tune! This one actually has an involved story behind it.

You may be interested to know that "The Many Moods of Murray Wilson" is the first and last in a proposed cycle of songs dealing with the family drama surrounding one of the greatest bands of all time, the Beach Boys. The cycle will likely stop here, but all you need to know is that Murray was father to Brian, Carl and Dennis and a frustrated musician himself.

There are other Beach Boy related songs waiting to be written but for now just be glad for this one.


New song. "Sincere" may have the finest production value of any Oxford product yet. Drums sound almost real, decent singing and a sloppy mess of a slide guitar solo. You're welcome.


Finally! "$6000" was not a difficult birth, just a long delayed one. Back on track with a track that shouldn't offend your aesthetic sensibilities unless you actually have them.


Harsh winds are blowing over here. Most importantly, I've upgraded computers and now lack viable recording software. The remedy is being administered as we speak.


One more tune before April is over. "Big Prize" is built on a Gentle Giant drum sample and took forever. It needs more polishing but forget it, I'm done with it. Vocals are cobbled together from about fifty different tracks so they're kinda choppy. Still, this is as heavy as I can get, I think.


Okay, just made it. "In the Dark" is technically not finished but it's presence here probably means that no furthur refining will be bothered with.

Drums are machine but time-stretched (compressed actually) which gives them a cool sound. Everything else is fine, verse is merely okay, but the chorus is the highlight, as it should be.


April is drawing to a close and I'm in danger of failing my song-a-month goal for the first time. Not because I ain't got shit goin' on, mind you. But this new process of recording has left me with a bunch of decent tracks and no vocals to go with 'em.

Usually the tracks sound fine, and then I realize that the melody is shit, or my voice just can't pull it off, it's frustrating. I'm trying, check back.


Listen up. The first track recorded under the new SOP is "The Man" and it's on board as of now. We've truly entered the 20th century circa 1992 (technology-wise) with this.

The new procedure includes recording direct to the hard disc and mixing with the aid of software. No MIDI or anything like that, just cut and pasted tracks. The Tascam 8 track still functions as the preamp, but all else is digital. Wow.


Crawling back from the wreckage here. Oxford Boy Home v.1 is gone forever, so thankfully v.2 looks more like the old one than the old one did. I'll be uploading only the choicest morsels this time so expect the site to pad itself out much more slowly.


Web site drama!! Everything gone, but not for long. Until things improve please divert yourself by loving your family. Oxford Boys will take revenge upon those responsible for this unforgivable breach of service. Thanks.


Bonus song for February! Kind of silly and not exactly top-shelf Oxford rock, "Here Comes the Barrytones" exists primarily as an excuse to have a song called "Here Come the Barrytones". But I'm paying for the space and I might as well use it.

It's a 'boys are back in town' type theme with images of a cocksure Barry Gibb clearing the sidewalk. No great gaffes or highlights, it may be among the first to go when disk space gets tight. Until then...Here come the Barrytones.


Hey everybody. I've scaled back my ambitions to one song a month, and February's is "Inevitable Ruin". Kind of a clumsy title but it stuck and so it stays.

The vocals are polished to a crystaline perfection and the guitars are prominent. Small piano solo and mono drums, since I've decided to downplay them. I lay awake nights tormented by the damn drum machine and the difficulty in getting a decent pattern but it has worked on rare occasions so my latest decision to give up trying kinda feels like a surrender. Well duh.

Oddly the channels flipped during the conversion from wav to mp3, with everything on the right (Guitar and b-vox) ending up on the left and vice-versa. It didn't seem to harm much so who cares.

Feel free to use it as yr wedding song.


Hey. My overly confident pre-new year boasts have left me feeling a bit backed into a corner. From that corner I offer a new song entitled "Behind the Beat" which you'll find at the tail end of the list of tunes.

This isn't my finest piece, but I felt compelled to record it so there you go. It's not terrible, but it was inspired by my contempt for neighbors who like to party on Monday nights, so it has a curmudgeonly, wet-blanket stink to it.

A Monday is basically a Friday for me so I don't know why I cared, but the title might hint at the fact that the music accompanying these parties was somewhat more 'beat' oriented than my ususal fare. You see what I'm getting at?

I'm not a racist, just very white and I don't like my late-night internet perusings disturbed by having 50c blasted through speakers that clearly can't handle the bass. I have no idea if it was 50c at all, really. But it certainly wasn't Gilbert O' Sullivan, and in a resentful haze I wrote this song wherein threats are issued and a rare guitar solo is proffered.


Sorry to be so unequivocal about herbs, but it had to be said.