Hey. My overly confident pre-new year boasts have left me feeling a bit backed into a corner. From that corner I offer a new song entitled "Behind the Beat" which you'll find at the tail end of the list of tunes.

This isn't my finest piece, but I felt compelled to record it so there you go. It's not terrible, but it was inspired by my contempt for neighbors who like to party on Monday nights, so it has a curmudgeonly, wet-blanket stink to it.

A Monday is basically a Friday for me so I don't know why I cared, but the title might hint at the fact that the music accompanying these parties was somewhat more 'beat' oriented than my ususal fare. You see what I'm getting at?

I'm not a racist, just very white and I don't like my late-night internet perusings disturbed by having 50c blasted through speakers that clearly can't handle the bass. I have no idea if it was 50c at all, really. But it certainly wasn't Gilbert O' Sullivan, and in a resentful haze I wrote this song wherein threats are issued and a rare guitar solo is proffered.


Sorry to be so unequivocal about herbs, but it had to be said.