Though the shame of missing December's deadline for posting a song has hung heavy over us since the new year arrived, we've managed to poke our heads from 'neath our darkened veils long enough to pose a musical question. Namely, How Can You Hate a Song?

It's a dangerous query for a band to put forth, esecially since some Oxford tunes have been known to get under people's skin. Or would, if anyone ever heard them. But we will not wilt in the face of controversy, and insist on pondering this question, one that occured while shopping at Lowe's as one of our least favorite George Harrison songs played overhead. Thanks, George (lousy hippy).

I don't feel like discussing any of the technical details of this song, but I will say that I definitely need to vary the types of guitar tone I'm using. Four guitars all using the same settings can start to get a little muddy. Enjoy the air raid siren solo courtesy of AirRaidSirens.com. In fact, enjoy the whole thing, and we'll see you in February.


Clearly, I will not make my December deadline, sorry