Hey everybody. Well, another month, another attempt at an Oxford Boy classic. Once again, this month's entry features lyrics by Judy Puckett who is quickly becoming Bernie Taupin to my Elton John. The song is called When Love Disappears and it is posted at 15 Megs of Fame, a new site that offers the titular amount of space to struggling musicians - space for which I am very grateful.

Now, about the song: It's based on that old standby beat, the dreaded 12/8 (AKA 'slow blooze'), infamous for buttressing scores of endless, formless guitar solos back in the heydey of Classic Rock. All in all it turned out well and you may notice that I seem to have licked the latency problem that was plaguing the last few tunes. Thankfully a download of some updated drivers did the trick, sparing us the cost of a new, fancy sound card - although I was secretly looking forward to the purchase of some shiny new gear.

I've also posted some older tunes at the site though you'll be glad to know I'm not counting them against my 'one song a month/twelve songs a year' promise, they're just some old laundry I felt like airing out. Hope you like the material and I'll see you soon.