Hey everybody, it's late August and that means I'm overdue for a song. Before & After is that song and I hope you like it. The punishing summer heat, various personal crises and a self-imposed abstinence from mind-altering substances all contributed to the slow pace of recording this month, but we've managed to squeeze one out. The King of Plop.

Some delicate mixing was required to balance the over-abundance of tracks, and though there are no standout moments in the arrangement, it holds together well. The disturbing tendency to begin recording a song before it's completely written continues; this tune contains yet another bridge that was composed at the last minute and lyrics that quickly taper off after the second verse. Still, I'm satisfied, and it's time to look toward the next offering.

Hope you are well. Civilization - frayed and stressed - has survived another month. May it do so again and again and again and...