New tune! "More Dark" is the second song to be inspired by my interest in amatuer astronomy, which I define as standing in the backyard and looking up. Does it rock? Does the Pope shit in the woods?

The usual caveats apply: dreadful vocals, flat production and a hurried arrangement. It's a wonder it can be so "devil-horns-fully-displayed" badass with so many drawbacks.


Okay, well the domain name is in place and the drums for two songs are ready to record. You have approximately one week until arrival of pop song bliss. Hang in there.

As I age and decay, inspiration usually comes in the form of curmudgeonly annoyance. Therefore I thank the pathetic state of commercial radio, rabid right-wing blogs and outdoor halogen lighting for the ideas behind the latest slate of songs. Future fixations may or may not include that decrepit old codger in the very heartwarming Olive Garden commercial who apparently prefers shitty never-ending bowls of pasta and the company of his patronizing nieces and nephews to his idyllic life in Sicily. You, my friend, are on the list.