Web site drama!! Everything gone, but not for long. Until things improve please divert yourself by loving your family. Oxford Boys will take revenge upon those responsible for this unforgivable breach of service. Thanks.


Bonus song for February! Kind of silly and not exactly top-shelf Oxford rock, "Here Comes the Barrytones" exists primarily as an excuse to have a song called "Here Come the Barrytones". But I'm paying for the space and I might as well use it.

It's a 'boys are back in town' type theme with images of a cocksure Barry Gibb clearing the sidewalk. No great gaffes or highlights, it may be among the first to go when disk space gets tight. Until then...Here come the Barrytones.


Hey everybody. I've scaled back my ambitions to one song a month, and February's is "Inevitable Ruin". Kind of a clumsy title but it stuck and so it stays.

The vocals are polished to a crystaline perfection and the guitars are prominent. Small piano solo and mono drums, since I've decided to downplay them. I lay awake nights tormented by the damn drum machine and the difficulty in getting a decent pattern but it has worked on rare occasions so my latest decision to give up trying kinda feels like a surrender. Well duh.

Oddly the channels flipped during the conversion from wav to mp3, with everything on the right (Guitar and b-vox) ending up on the left and vice-versa. It didn't seem to harm much so who cares.

Feel free to use it as yr wedding song.