Reclamation Tape #37: Righteous Digression (Credibility Factor)

Aside from the usual embryonic versions of future classics, this worktape contained only two ideas worth a single check-mark each. And of those, I think only "of all the things the lord has given me" has a chance to make to the big leagues.

I remember being excited by this song because it was the first I could remember writing that had only three chords. It's worthiness goes beyond that, but it is true: it's only G, C and D, although with a variety of voicings being used which gives the impression of a greater number of chords.

If I've written any three-chord songs since then, I can't really recall them.So far that at least, this revisit to Righteous Digressions was well worth it.

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Chuck said...

Have since written Yuma, which is a sold E-D-A all the way through.